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recognized foundries for cast iron and aluminum cookware. There are however, many, MANY others that made cast iron and aluminum products. This link will be for those cast iron foundries in the USA and Canada. Some of these companies may not be actual foundries but may have just had their name put on pieces by another foundry.

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Willman Industries is a grey and ductile cast iron foundry focused on providing the best value in iron castings to companies in North America. For over 100 years, we utilize cuttine edge foundry technology to ensure you get high quality and cost effective cast iron parts every time you order. - Lodge Manufacturing

Blacklock Foundry Meet Blacklock, Lodge's New Premium Line. RECIPES Cheesy Spinach Lasagna. Cast Iron Use & Care. Shop Skillets and Covers. LODGE CAST IRON & THE ENVIRONMENT. In 2016, we recycled over 134 tons of cardboard. That's the carbon …

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The primary difference in production between wrought iron and cast iron is that cast iron is not worked with hammers and tools. There are also differences in composition—cast iron contains 2–4% carbon and other alloys, and 1–3% of silicon, which improves the casting performance of the molten metal.

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The Griswold cast iron foundry was based in Erie, Pennsylvania; and until the early 1900s, cast-iron items from this company were marked with an "ERIE" logo. In the early 1900s, this was changed to a "GRISWOLD" logo, and it is this logo that is most commonly associated with Griswold cast-iron …

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A foundry is a factory that produces metal castings. Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal into a mold, and removing the mold material after the metal has solidified as it cools. The most common metals processed are aluminium and cast iron.

Meet Blacklock, Lodge's New Premium Line

Jul 11, 2019· In 2002, Lodge was the first to introduce foundry-seasoned cast iron to the market. This made cast iron more accessible to those who were interested in cast iron cooking, but who had little-to-no experience. Consumers no longer had to season the cookware themselves at home.

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We produce a full line of service and extra-heavy cast iron soil pipe and fittings from 2" to 15," and double-hub pipe from 2" to 6". We also manufacture a full line of hubless pipe and fittings, from 1 ½" to 15". Cast Iron DWV Pipe/Fittings System

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Carson Castings works with buyers, designers, and engineers offering the most advanced and innovative technologies to manage client's projects from start to finish. Together we are experienced professionals in the grey iron, ADI, steel and ductile iron industries.

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Blacklock Foundry Meet Blacklock, Lodge's New Premium Line. RECIPES Cheesy Spinach Lasagna. Cast Iron Use & Care. Shop Skillets and Covers. LODGE CAST IRON & THE ENVIRONMENT. In 2016, we recycled over 134 tons of cardboard. That's the carbon …

Dovre Iron Foundry

Our highly-trained, experienced and reliable team know the ins and outs not just of the equipment in our foundry. They don't just know what we are capable of as a foundry: they know exactly what can be accomplished with cast iron, and more importantly, they know how to accomplish it. We always aim for the absolute highest quality.

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Nov 29, 2013· This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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China's rapidly expanding iron casting foundry industry reflects burgeoning demand from the country's fast-growing manufacturing sector and foreign direct investment. The largest end user of gray iron castings is the motor vehicle industry. Guangdong is especially rich in iron ore and foundries have been established throughout the province.

AB&I Foundry

AB&I Foundry produces quality cast iron soil pipe and fittings for Drain, Waste and Vent (DWV) plumbing systems. In addition, AB&I manufactures custom gray iron castings for OEM manufacturers. AB&I steadfastly adheres to ethical standards of business and adheres to quality standards for our products. Integrity, that's the AB&I way.

Blacklock Triple Seasoned Cast Iron

The Blacklock Dutch Oven celebrates the year Lodge debuted foundry seasoned cast iron cookware—an innovation that's now an industry standard since 2002. Thanks to a special blend of iron, Lodge is once again reinventing cast iron cookware with Blacklock. This Dutch oven is lightweight and made to slow-roast meats and simmer soups and stews.

Ferroloy, Inc.

Ferroloy, Inc. is an iron foundry specializing in ductile and gray iron castings. We provide turnkey cast iron parts to OEMs all over the USA.

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The Taylor & Fenn Company is a cast iron foundry that sets the industry standard for gray iron casting and ductile iron casting. Our foundry is fully equipped to handle a wide range of component casting complexities and sizes, from one pound to 6,000-pound molds.

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A Review of Common Metallurgical Defects in Ductile Cast Iron Causes and Cures C.M.Ecob Customer Services Manager, Elkem AS, Foundry Products Division Abstract The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of some of the most common metallurgical defects found in the production of ductile cast iron today. The examples shown

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OK Foundry supplies gray and ductile iron sand castings to makers of general industrial equipment from 1 to 500 lbs. in size and a wide range of applications. With a complete pattern shop and 3D CAD design capabilities OK Foundry can develop a sand cast solution for most applications in gray or ductile iron. Explore Engineering Castings

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Little did he know the direction his small plow company would go in the next couple of decades. Aylward Iron Works laid the groundwork for what would become Neenah Foundry. While the country would weather many storms in the 20th and 21st century, Neenah Foundry retained a steadfast presence in the water and sewer industries.

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Austin Foundry Cookware, Sheboygan. 570 likes · 111 talking about this. Austin Foundry Cookware Cast Iron made in the USA. Currently selling 12" inch...

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Clinch River Casting is a jobbing foundry pouring several classes of Gray Iron, three classes of Ductile Iron, and Ni-Hard. CRC specializes in short run orders and …

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Cast Iron foundry. Investments in engineering have turned us into a forward-looking enterprise: we firmly believe that the drafting phase is the first step towards products of impeccable quality, products compliant with the costs and lead times established with the customer.

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May 23, 2019· Dotson Iron Castings is a one-stop shop for all your ductile iron casting, machining, painting and heat treatment needs. Along with value added services, Dotson also offers industry-leading lead times, top notch engineering, and unparalleled customer service.

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These 3 words (and more) are why Benton Foundry has been a leader in the iron casting industry for over 50 years. We are a progressive organization that believes in the mass-production approach for intermediate volume products. Our financial strength has allowed us to …

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Decatur Foundry began producing gray iron engineered castings using the air set molding in lower volumes and short run, highly-cored castings. Typical casting designs included flywheel housings, boiler sections and pump housings.

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Cast iron tends to be brittle, except for malleable cast irons. With its relatively low melting point, good fluidity, castability, excellent machinability, cast iron has become an engineering material with a wide range of applications across various industries. - Eagle Manufacturing Group

Welcome to US FOUNDRY. Providing quality products and customer service since 1916. US Foundry takes pride in its commitment to its mission of delivering quality work and recognizes that continued success must be earned through the consistent improvement of …

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Clarksville Foundry Castings. Since 1847. Clarksville Foundry can interpret your project – whether it's a modern industrial component or a reproduction of historic architectural elements – from concept to engineering drawings, pattern construction and mold production, to parts casting in a variety of iron …

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Willman Industries produces many grades of grey iron castings and ductile iron castings. The large number of grades we are experienced and pour sizes from ounces to 20 tons, you know you we have everything you need in order to get the cast parts you want with great quality and at the right price.

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